Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another pieced top

This is the project I was working on yesterday when I had the ironing catastrophe.
I used a bunch of beloved scraps left over from some purses to make this baby quilt top. It was fun trying to puzzle piece them all together without too much waste. I think I'm going to do a denim on the back. One of these days I am going to finish a quilt instead of just making tops.


bluecorduroy said...

i love this quilt top. i also enjoy doing the puzzle peices method. it feels so good on your brain. (and the pretty fabrics sure makes it fun!)

thanks for visiting my blog. those aprons were for a friend's daughters birthday party, she wanted aprons to be the take away party favor (such a cute idea)

Anonymous said...

yes, all is still good to go for saturday...i also just sent an email to the group and we'll send another tomorrow with even more details...looking forward to see you all!