Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yum, Yuck and Yeah!

A few weeks ago, I was busy in the kitchen and was summoned to the living room. Shurabe said, "You have to take a picture of this. It's too cute!" (all with her sweet little african accent) She was right, so I hurried to get the camera before the cute moment passed.

Our sweet Hopey (as we affectionately call her) turned 6 months old on Sunday. I find myself enjoying her more than I ever thought possible. The knowledge that she will be my last baby is a big encouragement to savor every moment. The whole family was excited to watch her experience her first bites of rice cereal (except Cole... I'm not sure where he was but later that evening he was shocked to hear that Hope had eaten cereal). She really liked it and even succeeded at grabbing the spoon a time or two.
Cole was the celebrity at out house yesterday! Levi's sign says it best... "Cole haves his therd tooth out!" (interpretation : Cole has his 3rd tooth out) It was a really big deal because this is the first tooth for him to lose on his own (the first two were pulled by the dentist).
Late Sunday night (long after he should have been asleep) Cole came running into the living room to show us that his tooth was pointing forward at a 45 degree angle. Brian's brother and his family came down from Springfield for Memorial Day. We had a great time at the QT park and The Riverwalk. Every time I looked at Cole, he had his loose tooth sticking out over his lower lip. (see picture below)

Nana and Papa came over for dinner that evening and Nana had the tooth out before the enchiladas were out of the oven. I'd been telling Cole all day that his Nana was famous for her tooth-pulling skills. She didn't disappoint!
Tomorrow is the boys' last day of school. Yippee!! Get ready for some swimming pictures!