Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dresses for Anna

Last week my sister-in-law showed me a catalogue from Boden kids...oh-my-goodness...such cuteness! We decided to try to find some dress patterns that were similar to a couple of the dresses in the catalogue. I have two of the three dresses made so I thought I'd post a sneak peek for Elizabeth and Anna.
It's had to tell in this picture but the first dress had strawberries all over it. Anna loves Strawberry Shortcake. When my boys are impersonating Anna they say, "Where's my cake?" That's what she calls Strawberry Shortcake - "My Cake"!


kellimoss said...

i love them! you should start a business. you could be the next boden!

mommyof3andlovinit said...

You are so talented! Let me know if you're still raising funds for that adoption! I'll order some of your handiwork!!!
C. Aberle

Lisa said...

Cute dresses! You are very talented. I might be hitting you up to help me with Joshua's costume for his school music program. He's going to be one of the Three Wise Men. I have to check with his teacher to see what she's thinking.

bluecorduroy said...

Hi there! you were just at my blog asking if the dress pattern was one of my own, and yes it is, but super simple. I am very much in love with your dresses hanging from tree! that second one especially is adorable- my fingers are itching!