Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun give-away

Check out this give-away  by the Pleated Poppy.  She always has really cute stuff and there's nothing like something free to brighten your day!   

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer "Break"

Last Friday we cristened the first day of summer break with an all-out-family-watergun-fight! Cole and Levi both got new mega waterguns for their birthdays so we had one for everyone in the family (mom included). I'm pretty sure Levi's gun weighes as much as he does when it is full of water!
Close range shooting was the most fun even though the guns could shoot really far!

I have a feeling there are many more watergun fights in our family's near future!

Monday, May 25, 2009

We didn't pass...

We just got the call from our Adoption Agency informing us that our case didn't pass in court.  Apparently, the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Ethiopia must write a letter to the judge for each adoption case and they didn't get ours complete in time for our court date.  I'm still foggy as to why they didn't complete it but the Director the the Ethiopia program at AWAA told us that MOWA has been very particular the past month.  There has been a much higher percentage than usual of families not passing.

Our new court date is June 18th.  Please pray that there would be a sooner court opening and our date will get moved up.  The longer we have to wait, the harder it is going to be on me traveling and the less time we will have to help Eden adjust before the new baby arrives.

We are confident that God is still in control of this process.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Court tonight

Tonight, while we are sleeping, an Ethiopian judge will review our case.  If they are pleased with our paperwork and Eden's paperwork, they will pass our case and she will officially be our daughter.  Hopefully, by Tues. morning we can show you pictures 0f our daughter!  We would really appreciate your prayers for a smooth court date.  We are trusting that God is in control of this adoption and has been from the very beginning.  Eden will not be in Ethiopia one day longer than God wants her to.

We had a really great time last night with two fellow adoptive families who have daughters from Ethiopia.  We took advantage of the opportunity to ask lots of questions about travel and helping Eden to adjust when she is home with us.  I'm so grateful for their openness and experience that we can glean from.  

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six more days until Court!

Our Court date in Ethiopia is May 25th (Memorial Day). If all goes well and the judge is pleased with the amount of information given about Eden's relinquishment, she will officially be our daughter. We would really appreciate your prayers that everything goes well. If we don't pass court, we'll have to wait for another court date which sometimes happens the next day or the next month, depending on what kind of information the judge is asking for.

This past weekend was Mayfest in Tulsa and I've been looking forward to it all year. Last year we found a wonderful vendor who makes amazing little girl clothes. We drooled over them for a long time but decided we should wait until we know the age of our little girl before purchasing anything. Well, since I now know the size of clothing we need, I was anxious to see if the vendor was back.....SHE WAS!! Here are the two outfits Eden got.

They are completely reversible so really, she got 4 new outfits. Brian and I bought the dress and Brian's parents bought the capris and top with the little hat .

I can't wait to see them on her!! Now she just needs some little girl toys.