Monday, December 20, 2010

This weekend, all 3 of the men (big and small) were in the wedding of some friends, Chris and Jessica Wilson. Brian Officiated and the boys were both Ring Bearers. It was a beautiful wedding at Camp Loughridge and the reception, at Southern Hills Country Club, was like none I've ever experienced. The food was delicious and we all had so much fun dancing and visiting with friends we don't get to see often enough. It was fun to get all dressed up and figure out which fork was for salad and which was for dessert! The boys were both smitten with their own reflection! I warned them not to accept any marriage proposals...thankfully the warning wasn't necessary. However, Cole had several older ladies (50 and over) asking him to dance. He bashfully turned them down. While we were all out having a ball, Hope was at home with our new favorite baby sitter, being loved on and well taken care of!

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with my parents and sister. Who knows, maybe I'll find the time to post about that tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Parties

We had the pleasure of celebrating Hope's birthday twice. First in Joplin with Brian's family over Thanksgiving weekend. Then at home with my dad whose birthday is the day after Hope's.
Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Whipped Cream in Joplin.
A little photo shoot before the party at home.
Just a little icing.
Maybe I'll just lick the top instead of using my fingers.
I'm starting to feel sick.
Uh Oh, I got a little bit of cupcake on the table.