Monday, February 23, 2009

A good mistake.

Today I was pressing some seams on a project when I noticed that the iron felt sticky. Apparently I had it sitting too close to this ugle Easter bucket that I've been using for sewing trash. The bottom 1/3 of the metal plate on my iron was covered in melted plastic. There is a big blob on my ironing board cover too. At first I was just frustrated with myself...then I thought it might be the perfect reason to replace my piece-of-junk iron...then I was relieved to see that none of the melted goop got on the project that I was ironing. I decided that I must come up with an alternative refuse container! This is what I came up with.
It even folds down flat for easy storage when I am not in a sewing frenzy! It turned out so pretty that I can't bring myself to put trash in it. So for now it's a sewing caddy to keep some of my notions close at hand.


jen duncan said...

It's fabulous!
Thanks for letting me know you got the quilt. It looks so sweet the way you photographed it. Looking forward to hearing your good news later this year!!

Lisa said...

I agree. It's too cute to use for trash. You are so creative!