Friday, March 6, 2009 not as bad as...


Today Cole's teacher relayed a funny story to me from "story time" in class last week.  

They were reading a book about manners written by Whoopi Goldberg.  On each page they discuss a different offensive behavior and in the lower right-hand corner, almost like a mantra, is the suggestion that this particular offense (such as interrupting, talking in theaters, bad sportsmanship, or eating with your hands) is not as bad as...(the next bad habit or behavior) on the next page.  

As Mrs. Munozcano read the "is not as bad as..." part, Cole would say under his breath "is not as bad as going to hell."  He did this on every page!  Thankfully, Mrs. Munozcano is a believer and wasn't offended by his remarks, but I reassured her that we didn't talk like that all the time at home.  

Kids are so unpredictable.  But he does have a point...good manners aren't quite as important as salvation!


Mark and Melanie Allen Family said...

That is too cute. It is one you will need to remember. Kids do say the funniest things.

shanna said...

that is hilarious :)