Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The wait continues...

I've had several inquiries lately about our adoption status. It is so encouraging to know that others are excited and anxiously waiting for our little girl. We are about 3 months into the 7-9 month waiting period. Our referral should arrive some time between April and June. We have to wait until everything passes in the Ethiopian court until we can go get her. Best case scenario, we'll go to Ethiopia to bring her home some time next summer. Some families experience quite a few set backs in the court process. We'll be praying for a quick and smooth court date for sure!

I've been sneaking a peek at several other blogs of families that have adopted from Ethiopia. Let me just tell you, "Those children are precious!". I am trying to prepare myself for her arrival without becoming too antsy. Easier said than done. So far, we have a new bed for her (a very girly white cast iron daybed), a drawer full of new hair accessories (Raynisha promises to tutor me on the techniques of caring for African hair), a couple of frilly clothing items, and two big brothers chomping at the bit to meet her!

I'm so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us as we embark on this exciting journey of becoming a bi-racial family custom designed by the Creator himself!


mommyof3andlovinit said...

hey Beth... do you know which girl is yours yet? Pictures? What is her name? Just wondering so I could be praying specifically.


anxiously hopeful said...

We haven't received a referral for a specific child yet. Unfortunately, when we do, I still can't post her name or picture until she is officially ours. Thankfully, God already knows all the details. Lucky Him!