Friday, December 12, 2008

Some Great Charities

I saw this list on a fellow America World family's blog. There are some great links. Check them out and make a purchase to make a difference in someone else's life.

For awesome Christmas gifts that keep on giving check out:
World Vision Online Donations:Animals
Give a family a goat, chicken, cow or ox to provide income for their family.
TOMS Shoes
Every pair of super cute shoes you buy gives a needy person a pair of shoes.
The Compassion Store
All gifts support the work of Compassion International
Saint's Coffee
My most favorite coffee! Buy a pound of coffee- feed an orphan for a month. Ethiopian is the best!
Tiny Rockstar
Buy a shirt- feed an orphan for a month.
Christian Freedom International
Great gifts made by persecuted Christians around the world.
Hearts in Hispaniola
Our friends Jeff and Vicki...if you plan to buy ANYTHING from, click on the link through their blog and a
percentage of what you buy goes to their ministry in the
Dominican Republic and Haiti!
Integrity Worldwide International Christian Missions
Friend's ministry in Africa...they have a Christmas gift page.
Amazima Ministries International
Break the cycle of poverty by providing an education for a Ugandan child.

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Sheyenne said...

I just realized the adoption agency you guys are using is the same one another couple we know is going thru! They are adopting a boy from Ethiopia! Where are you guys at in your process? Love the Christmas tree, by the way!