Thursday, October 23, 2008

God issues...

Here is a cute story born out of a car ride home from school.

Cole was talking to me about heaven and how cool it is going to be. He said he hopes that we all (Brian, me, Cole and Levi) go to heaven. I told him that I know that I am going to heaven because I decided a long time ago that I wanted Jesus to be my Savior. I told him that I pray all that time that he and his brother will make the same decision. Meanwhile, Levi is sitting in the back seat expressing dislike for all things "heaven" ie. clouds, angels, etc. Then he says that when he goes to heaven he is going to punch God in the face (not my proudest parenting moment)! As we pull into the neighborhood, I see my mom standing in her front yard (we live in the same neighborhood as my parents) so we pull into her driveway to say "Hi" to Nana. It was a beautiful day so we had the windows down and immediately Nana sees that Levi isn't very happy. When she asked about his angry face, Cole pipes in with his opinion of the situation. "Levi's having God Issues," Cole says. Where he came up with that terminology, I will never know but it certainly got some laughs from my mom and me! Well put, Cole.

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Shanna said...

that's an awesome story! I kind of laughed out loud!