Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am loving the fall like weather that blew in to Tulsa yesterday. When the clouds roll in and the ground is wet with rain I just want to curl up with a quilt and read a book. However, there is much "mothering" to do so the book must wait. Cole is NOT excited about daily homework but Levi thinks it's not fair that Cole GETS to have homework. My afternoons are spent coaxing Cole into doing his work and making up work for Levi to do! Those two boys are completely different (except for the fact that they are both so cute)!


shannahowe said...

That is a pretty awesome picture.. the thing that would make it better would be the work being math - if you can get that picture than I might just post it in my classroom!! :)

Lisa said...

Jacob is adjusting to having more homework this year also. And I am adjusting to having three kids to help with homework. It's very tiring! I can't imagine going back to school myself. I wouldn't have time to do my own homework. I totally agree about the weather too. I love fall!