Sunday, April 4, 2010


This was an especially great Easter at our house because it was Shurabe and Hope's first. It has been so much fun explaining the meaning of Easter to Shurabe. A couple of times she has asked me, "Mommy, Jesus coming?" I wish I had that kind of anticipation. It has been good for me to remind myself and tell her, "Maybe! Nobody knows when he is coming back."

Cole was really excited this morning to make it a meaningful day for his siblings. He made a special sign after breakfast and wanted to hang it up for everybody to see all day. Then he spent the rest of the morning formulating a plan to make special gifts for Shurabe and Levi (a baseball poster and a ballerina poster).

Poor little Levi did his best to enjoy the day despite his raging allergies. Bless his heart, his eyes were almost swollen shut when he woke up this morning. We hunted eggs in Nana and Papa's living room instead of outside to keep him out of the wind and pollen.

On a lighter note, I got to sew two little Easter dresses (one much smaller than the other). I've been eyeing this fabric for a couple of weeks and it went on sale just in time for me to whip up these sweet little dresses. Shurabe's entailed a little more work than I anticipated... petticoat and all. But I am happy with how they turned out and the girls liked them too!


Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

Those dresses are adorable! My mom and sister were telling me about them this afternoon...glad I got to see them! Maybe someday I'll be able to sew dresses for my little girl!

lane, kelli, canon, and baby ledger said...

i'm very impressed! you should sell them :) you have a too cute family.