Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Showers of blessings

W have some of the most amazing friends and church family! On Sunday, my Adult Bible Class passed around a sign-up sheet for people to provide meals for our family. We are covered for the next TWO WEEKS! I am in awe of their thoughtfulness. It has been so nice to spend the day focusing on the kids without worrying about grocery shopping or what to make for dinner. (Added bonus - a break from the same 6 recipes I make all of the time.) On top of that, the boys have had special outings everyday with friends so they can have a break from their sister as she adjusts to life in a family.

We are making progress everyday as far as communication and tantrums go. We are learning some of her words and she is learning some of ours. She uses hand gestures (not really sign language) to show us what she wants sometimes and we do a lot of pointing.

This morning Shurabe and I went to Super Wal-mart to do some school supply shopping. I wasn't sure how she would do in a big place like that but she did amazingly. She just sat wide-eyed in the cart and took it all in. One of the Wal-mart stockers approached me and said she looked Ethiopian. I told him that we just got back from going to get her from Addis Ababa. He said that was his country and asked her name and what Agency we used to adopt her. I was shocked that he could tell she was Ethiopian. It was a really cool thing!

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Beth said...

Hey! It's Beth Hamilton! How are you! We are doing well...though as you know...this journey is not always easy! We are able to communicate enough to get by and more comes every day but I long for the day when we can really communicate with our children and learn their hearts, hopes and dreams...don't you?! I would love to stay in touch with you all and the others from our trip. Do you know if there has been any flikr account set up or other facebook or yahoo group? I didn't get anyone's email before we left. I know you are busy as we all are, but just when you get a moment, you can email me any info you have at Again, I would love to continue the friendships God began in Ethiopia! :)

We were crazy enough to keep our 'date' with another family for a beach trip one week after returning! (we couldn't get our money back and thought another week with daddy all the time would be good). It has been a wonderful blessing. Bonding has continued (as has testing boundaries:) ) and we have had a lot of fun! The boys love the beach, ocean, pool, riding bikes...all of it. I do hope they don't think 'normal' life is such a vacation, though! That may be a little rough when we get home! :)

Do know that we are thinking of you and praying for you as we all continue this crazy gospel journey the Lord has us on!


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