Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our I-171H is here!!

Our approval from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office arrived in the mail yesterday (form I-171H). Happy Birthday to me!! Basically that means that we are approved to bring an orphaned child into the country. This is a huge step towards getting our little girl.

I am anxious to start working on her room but am making myself hold off. There is no reason for our little guy to have to share a room with his big brother yet. (Unless he'd like to stay in a little girl room...doubt it!)

I've been busy sewing today. I got gift cards to JoAnn Fabrics for my birthday and am anxious to pick out some fabric for myself. Actually, I'll probably buy fabric to sew little girl clothes. I just can't help myself. I'll post some pictures of what I've already made as soon as we get a camera that works. Ours died a few weeks ago. For now, I will just post a picture of one of the bags I'm selling on etsy.

Check it out at!

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3.2.1...Lets GO! said...

Hey, so glad to see you have entered into the whole blog land! I am so excited for you guys, yes I would get into making all the girly things-unfortunately time seems to just fly by. Girls are just too fun to dress up! Thanks for sharing, look forward to seeing pictures the little cutie.